Service motivations are not so common and it’s birth nature to help some one hearty, as his nature and the opportunity to work with the central government he enrolled himself with Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ministry of youth affairs and sports. In this he is posted as national reconstruction corps. In this he worked for the below poverty line, there his works helped above 300 families. With this as a base he helped these families by forming them as a self help group. Most of these were done for the below poverty line people in order to bring up the whole nation. In this Mr. N. Murugessan’s part was huge. This as on the time period of 2002, he started this as his motivating point and involved himself in most of the other social activities.

These are on the first attempt and he started with few rural youths and helped them a lot in funding for the benefits of the below poverty people. As on the track grading for of these youths, monitoring them and TOT training. Behind on these works as scheduled the success story has lots on it.   As a joint venture with periyanakanpalayam block, somaiyampalayam panchayat, a toll gate was setted up and the funds are maintained by the self help groups and used for their welfare. This was done with the help of the district collector Mr. Muruganandam, additional collector and with the project officer of DRDA ( district rural development agency ) Mr. Jayabalakrishnan. Mr.Murugessan joined hands with other two qwith this project as a base the people who are made employed in this earned about 1.37 lakhs per year.more than about 200 families got used with the money. During the year of 2002-2003, free patta land was given to the below poverty line people. These were made implemented in sanganur, Anna nagar in coimbatore. Mr. N.Murugessan being a national reconstruction corp he helped in development of rural areas by giving this full support. During this year new streets, pipe lines, bore wells were made.

About 500 students were benefitted with the issuing of free notebooks, cultural programs and certificates were given on behalf of the ministry of youth affairs and sports, nehru yuva kendra. With the project of rain water harvesting above 900 peoples were benefited. With this projects inspection were made on the houses too.

As on tsunami disaster foods, clothes and few other basic needs were sent to the people who were affected. This is done under the out look of nehru yuva kendra. This is done with the help of  kosalaraman the district collector.

During the year 2004, he was awarded as the Best Youth Awardee by the ministry of youth affairs and sports. This is done by the district collector Kosalaraman. Then in the central prison, self employment training on january 26. Competitions were conducted, sweets and appreciation certificates were presented by the DIG – Munivel.

He is appreciated by the internal affairs minister Mr.M.K.Stalin in the function of EXNORA INTERNATIONAL. He is been certified for humanity for his work on the pension of old people.

Seva nilayam is an orphanage in coimbatore and about 200 students are made resided in it. On october 2nd a function as conducted, competitions and prizes were given. In united handicapped school, sadbhavana diwas was conducted.

Two blind girl students were given  help for their studies in AVINASILINGAM COLLEGE.  On November 14th in central prison a program was organized by nehru yuva kendra. On July 12 and 13 of 2008 red ribbon was reported. Rally was also conducted. On December 4th 100 youth clubs were given sports materials with a cheque of 250 rupees, through the ministry of youth affairs and sports, nehru yuva kendra.

All these were made registered as a magazine and will be launched soon. For this magazine commissioner and few departments in collectorate were interviewed.


FUTURE PLANS: for this works SOORYA FOUNDATION is launched and the aim of this is poor people education, buying of lands, building schools, hospitals and colleges are on account.